Rocklin Pony Youth Baseball Select Baseball

Rocklin Pony Youth Baseball (RPYB) offers a Select Team Baseball Program for players registered to play in RPYB. The Select Program is designed for those players who desire a more intense baseball experience within our league. Select Team members, both players and coaches, are expected to put forth considerable time, effort, and commitment beyond that for a typical regular season. Participants will be rewarded with more frequent playing opportunities under more challenging circumstances with more intensive coaching and training.

Each Select team must provide a business plan to the league to outline their costs for the year, including an expected schedule for practices, games, and tournaments.  All costs must be split evenly between all players on the team.  Managers and Coaches may not be compensated in any manner.  Teams may charge to purchase uniforms, cost of tournaments, umpire fees, etc.. 

All Managers and Coaches must be approved by the league and all volunteers and players must abide by our league rules and code of conduct.

Each team will be allotted practice and game time on our fields during the spring and fall seasons, and the use of our league insurance for the year.

We offer two types of Select baseball at RPYB:  Select-Only and Sunday-Select. 

Select-Only is available for ages 9u and above only.   Select-Only is a program which takes the place of the Monday through Saturday in-house schedule.  Select-Only teams will only play against other Select teams, so Managers and Coaches will be required to secure games and tournaments.  Costs are split among players, and are generally more expensive and travel-heavy than other divisions.  Please note, this program is played instead of the regular in-house league.  Tryouts for Select-Only for Spring teams are generally held in Fall/Winter.  Teams must be announced before the in-house draft.  In most cases, there will only be one Select-Only team per age division.

Sunday-Select is available for all divisions, and is only available for games and practices on Sundays or when the Pony in-house program is not open for games and/or practices.  Costs associated with Sunday-Select are shared among all players, and is played in addition to the Monday through Saturday schedule.  Costs are generally only slightly more expensive than the in-house program alone.  There can be multiple Sunday-Select teams per age division.

We have partnered with other area leagues to develop similar programs within their leagues.  We anticipate this program will continue to grow each year.  Tryouts for these teams will be posted on, or you can email for more information.